Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ticks And Other Crawley Things

So, we have a scary ritual every night that if looking thru our window you would think we were a family of monkeys! I guess I should explain why we have this ritual. My sons are Surveyors, which means they are in the woods all day. Which also means they encounter snakes, alligators, red bugs, chiggers, bees and ticks. etc. Sounds like a fun job huh! I don't think they thought of this when the oldest was in his 5th year of College,

Tonight was a night like all the rest......they sit on the floor and we do a ~Tick~ check! I look through their hair, arm pits, beards,back,sides,ears....then they take a shower and look at the ~other~ parts , ~Thank God~!!!!  I have tanning beds and they tan to keep their backs from breaking out. My oldest comes in gagging tonight. He is totally grossed out because he apparently had a very thirsty ~gray~ tick on his side. That grossed him out the most cause it was gray....a DOG Tick LMAO he says .....He was like, ~ I don't know how long that one was there it was full, his words ~man that was SICK!!!!!!

So, we sit down and do a major tick check then. He's so grossed out he even shaves off his goatee. Bless his heart. I guess that's the bad side to being a surveyor. Well, to me the bad side is when a gator is swimming toward you at the speed of light and your son stops to film and send to you before he walks away??! Then there are all the picks I get of dead rattlers or water moccasins and they think that's ~COOL~! For me, I wouldn't last a day! But then again I am a girl and we are not suppose to like things like this are we??!

I sometimes feel bad we encouraged this career, but they do enjoy it in spite of it all. I am however looking forward to the day that I can pass the ~tick~ searching to their lucky wives. Wonder if they will tell them before or after marriage its a requirement.  I'm pretty confident I will pass that job on and try to repress that memory!!

So, when your sitting there with your kids just think of how lucky you are you don't have to do a daily tick check!! Then when you think of that think of me and a few numbers of some eligible women who want a good man (youngest taken) and a job as ~head tick boss`~ I believe I will hand her the tiara and sash  that says~ Miss Tickmaster Texas~ and send then on their merry way.

I can always Pray for a better job description and maybe one with pay or at least paid vacay for being the First.....or shall I say ~Head~  Tick Queen!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

The Bachelorette

Where do I start! How about ~The Masked Guy~.......does he think he's so shockingly gorgeous that she will be overcome by his beauty and not be able to handle it? I'm sorry , but when theres 20+ Men pining for a woman's affection their more pitiful than the women are. Whose the ltl arrogant worm that keeps saying how he doesn't like her he's just competitive? (Bentley) isn't that the name of a DOG?? (nothing personal if that's your name) ....If not it should be! Someone needs to find him in a dark alley and teach him how to treat and talk about a woman!

She keeps talking about her ~gut~ feelings......she needs to have a twinkie or something, because her gut is just growling I think!! Over half of the ones she kept are not even cute....not that looks are everything, but geesh they help... haha!

I have raised 2 Boys.....Men now. If they went on T.V. and acted like some of these guys Id be mortified. I know I may be predigest, but when The Bachelor is on you kinda expect the women to be in cat fights, act blonde or be mean spirited. That's just how we roll. Men are suppose to be more refined or I guess the word is ~Manly~ why I don't know. Its just like a bunch of ltl whiney 5th graders! Its just sad to see a room of Men so vulnerable for me ); Maybe that's an East Texas ~thang~ haha

She seems a little arrogant compared to her season with The Bachelor. But hey its got her on 2 Seasons, so I guess shes done something right huh??!! She is a very pretty girl and actually in College and appears very smart! Just hasn't had alot of luck in the Love dept........happens to the best of us!

Well I will put my prediction in. Nick and J.P. I think will be in the final 3 ......haven't decided on the 3rd one! Who do you think? What is your favorite Reality Show? Have you ever thought about applying for one? I've considered many actually. Several look like alot of fun, some life changing, others for the love of money and last but not least the love of a good person! What more could you ask for ?!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hi There

I have really missed my Blogging Girls! How is everyone? Theres been so much going on the last 6-7mths that I had to put Blogging on the back-burner. I had BIG plans to do a Diary of our life and what we have and are dealing with, but again it just wasn't in the cards.

Everything is going well! Wesley is tolerating treatment and we have figured out how to have a ~normal~ life again. One that includes trips to the hospital every 2mths, blood work weekly, chemo monthly and the unknown of it all.

Isn't it funny how the powers above take over and you learn how to cope and deal with what life gives you. The good, the bad and the ugly, but also the beautiful. I wont sit here at this point and say my attitude is always positive and roses have an all new scent, because that's b.s.

In the beginning I thought that writing about it and documenting every little thing would help. Well I soon realized I didn't need to document anything, because I will never forget on any level. With that being said I also realized I just wanted to live and sometimes forget. Just be normal, have fun, go on vacation, go to graduation of my sons and pretend we were ok. As crazy as it seems that's how Ive learned to cope. Don't get me wrong....I by no means am in denial......just surviving!

In this survival mode things have mostly been good! I believe the survival mode is also the positive mode! Its all good is my saying! Its all good till it isn't! Then you go on, but you cant dwell on the negative! In doing this our boys are good, my husband is doing awesome and I'm holding strong! Just got my passport renewed and looking forward to going out of the country, hoping to one day spend alot of time just chilling!!

So, as you can see I plan on having many Margaritas on the Beach with my husband and yes sometimes alone!! We\Im going to be ok! Now enough of all this serious talk I want some fun conversation! Some Summer Plans, something fun going on I may not have heard of (;

Besafe ..........have fun!!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Dance - Garth Brooks Cover - By Kenshinffx

This song always tugs at my heart! It goes along with some of my past posts! Happy Holidays........be safe, be full and love all you can (=

Sunday, November 21, 2010


When you have a sick spouse you tend to absorb everything and every moment! Ive noticed myself finding simplicity in the oddest things. Things I didn't find so simple now have a different meaning. The old saying ~Stop and Smell The Roses~ is true......we don't do that enough. Just STOP and embrace what the world has to offer.
I notice the smallest things in my Husband now. Its weird after 32yrs I see him different , but the same. I notice his walk,smell ,laugh all like I'm seeing them for the first time. I sit back and watch my boys and try to pull ~their dads qualities~ out of them and soak it in! What did they take from me....from him! I wonder if hes doing the same thing now?! Are we both seeing each other in a different light? Are we both soaking up every moment we have?! I feel so blessed yet shorted!?

I guess this is a natural process, I'm not really sure? Life has a way of changing you with out options. Sometimes its unfair and we don't have a choice, but to see it differently and other times we JUST HAVE to see it differently. To soak up everything around us whether good or bad, whether you have any control over it or not. So, my theory is ~Stop and smell the Roses~  Try to soak up all the ~scents~ you can! Cherish it all because you never know what life has to offer you . Seems Cliche' I know, but its true. A bad situation or shall I say an unexpected situation has MADE me do all the above! Sometimes when you want to take things for granted or think ~ Ill do it tomorrow ~ STOP and do it NOW~ ......just the simple things make the world of difference.

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Yes its true.....another cell phone in my possession has seen an untimely demise! Don't know what it is with me and electronic devices, but they don't hang around very long! Heck, I cant even wear most watches....they wont cont to work on me after a few days. The jeweler said it must be my body chemistry, but we know as far as cell phones go its my drinks that get them every time!! Very disturbing and expensive this year.

This phone must really be pissed, it will ring, show me a number, BUT wont let me answer the call! If that's not bad enough the dang thing keeps beeping to tell me I have a text, BUT I cant see it!! Its trying to torture me for what I don't know? Over use? Using as a flash light and disgracing its intentional purpose? Using it till its so hot it hurts to keep up to my ear......over talking is probably the root to the problem! The dt cokes are a mercy killing!

I never realized how addicted I was to the Internet from my phone. Checking my Blogs, face book,GPS and Map Quest. Just to be able to look something up at a blink did spoil me! I had to go on an ~actual~ computer and order me another phone from EBay! It wasn't easy either. I think they have a Club out there that don't want me have another phone )= Seriously, out of thousands of phones how could I not win a  single bid??!!  I REFUSE to buy a new one and be locked in to another cell phone company.......don't EVEN get me started on my disappointment of Phone Companies! So, EBay it will be....some one has to drop their guard and take my bid!! Until then I will bite my nails (seriously) and hold out......I CAN DO THIS!!

Now of course my family is NOT complaining at all! They are glad I cant reach them on a whim, they are glad I cant text when I want and they now are not obligated to come up with a ~ltl white lie~ ~I mean excuse as to why they NEVER answer! You know as I'm writing this I may have been set-up??!! Maybe they place my drinks where my phone will fall right in to them...hummmm! Could it be?? Is my own family ~snubbing~ out my phones?! Huh I'm sure it couldn't be me??!! I baby my phone...it is my life line!! I just don't understand why they always choose to go for a swim in my coke or coffee.......maybe I should talk MORE and they wont get bored??!! I may be on something there too hummmm

So, all who know me and know I actually do at times fall asleep holding my cell ( I know I need help) I PROMISE I am NOT ignoring your calls....MY DAMN PHONE IS AND HES LAUGHING AT YOU...AND ME!!!! HES NOW IN TROUBLE AND WILL GO INTO THE ~DRAWER OF SHAMEEEE~ (echoing sound by the way lmbo) I will now embarrass all the phones who did not hang with me thru thick and thin and especially the WET!! I must teach the new one how to swim!!

I will buy a bigger and better version of you!! I will buy a water proof case and I WILL have this phone till I'm sick of it or dies from natural causes.....this I promise!! So, please lift the black ball on me, so I can give one of your electronic friends a better and useful - VERY useful life (=  Now I'm fixing to go back on EBay and I am on a mission! A mission to find my next electronic friend! Maybe one my Chiropractor will like too lol He believes the cell has not been kind to my body...imagine that!!

So, the next time you see me my ~new,improved and working~  phone will be updating for me! Wish me luck. If your on Verizon....tell me what your phone of choice is. Ive had a Blackberry the last 4 phones and am literally buying quarterly! Their not the most expensive, but their not cheap either.....all in all I probably have over a $1000.00 in my ~dead phone drawer~!!! (a few yrs worth) Now that's a sad waste of good money!! Help me out my friends. I have a site on a past Blog that will actually take all those old phones and pay YOU for them!! So, don't feel bad for them, they will find a new home....kinda (=

Happy Holidays and I hope to be sending out many Holiday texts real soon! O.K. I'm a going shopping now and I feel THIS time I am going to find my ~soul phone~!!

Monday, November 15, 2010

~ WTH ~

1) People who Dress-up JUST to go to the Grocery Store???!!! WTH
2) People who treat their pets better than their kids???!!! WTH
3) Peple who call or text you and you reply and they dont answer??!!! WTH

4) Why we ALL cant be perfect??!! WTH
5) Why it cant stay Summer ALL year around??!! WTH
6) Why Plastic Surgery isn't FREE after 50??!!! Insurance Companies should want us to look young, so we will still feel a false sense of security to pay those hellacious premiums???!!! WTH

7) When did it become socially acceptable to pretend to be something your NOT???!!! WTH
8) When did 60 start to seem sooooo young???!!! WTH
9) When did LIFE in general become so complicated??!!! WTH

10)  How did Blogging become easier than actually communicating??!!! WTH
11)  How did Reality Shows become so popular......do we REALLY think its reality???!!! WTH
12)  How is it possible to love Chocolate sooo much???!!! WTH

13)WTH is wrong with kids these days and why did/do we feel the NEED to spoil them so much???!!! AND when did they get smarter than us lol!!!
14)WTH happened to Obama Promises?? !!! (NO, I didn't vote for him and Im still wondering what ~change~ people voted for?!))
15)WTH is wrong with this Blog??!!! (=

No, Im not being negative just having a WTH day! Im sure tomorrow will be a ~Im so grateful~ day lol
It IS Monday, so what is your WTH Monday revelation??!!

~WTH Monday~,Tues will be ~Thoughtful Tuesday~ and how about ~What-ever~ Wednesday and then ~Thankful Thursday, ~ Freakin' Friday~, ~Social Saturday~, Finally ~Sacred Sunday~ Ta Daaaaa