Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ticks And Other Crawley Things

So, we have a scary ritual every night that if looking thru our window you would think we were a family of monkeys! I guess I should explain why we have this ritual. My sons are Surveyors, which means they are in the woods all day. Which also means they encounter snakes, alligators, red bugs, chiggers, bees and ticks. etc. Sounds like a fun job huh! I don't think they thought of this when the oldest was in his 5th year of College,

Tonight was a night like all the rest......they sit on the floor and we do a ~Tick~ check! I look through their hair, arm pits, beards,back,sides,ears....then they take a shower and look at the ~other~ parts , ~Thank God~!!!!  I have tanning beds and they tan to keep their backs from breaking out. My oldest comes in gagging tonight. He is totally grossed out because he apparently had a very thirsty ~gray~ tick on his side. That grossed him out the most cause it was gray....a DOG Tick LMAO he says .....He was like, ~ I don't know how long that one was there it was full, his words ~man that was SICK!!!!!!

So, we sit down and do a major tick check then. He's so grossed out he even shaves off his goatee. Bless his heart. I guess that's the bad side to being a surveyor. Well, to me the bad side is when a gator is swimming toward you at the speed of light and your son stops to film and send to you before he walks away??! Then there are all the picks I get of dead rattlers or water moccasins and they think that's ~COOL~! For me, I wouldn't last a day! But then again I am a girl and we are not suppose to like things like this are we??!

I sometimes feel bad we encouraged this career, but they do enjoy it in spite of it all. I am however looking forward to the day that I can pass the ~tick~ searching to their lucky wives. Wonder if they will tell them before or after marriage its a requirement.  I'm pretty confident I will pass that job on and try to repress that memory!!

So, when your sitting there with your kids just think of how lucky you are you don't have to do a daily tick check!! Then when you think of that think of me and a few numbers of some eligible women who want a good man (youngest taken) and a job as ~head tick boss`~ I believe I will hand her the tiara and sash  that says~ Miss Tickmaster Texas~ and send then on their merry way.

I can always Pray for a better job description and maybe one with pay or at least paid vacay for being the First.....or shall I say ~Head~  Tick Queen!!!


  1. That's a fine job for any woman! LOL
    Tell them that if they send me any pics of snakes, I will physically beat them.

  2. Ummmm, yuk. I can't even imagine how gross that would be to do that every night. It all sounded so, how would you say, appetizing. NOT.

  3. I miss YOU! how the hell are you????? (really)


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